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Greg and LuAnn Lyons (Philippines)

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4,100 Public School Teachers and Parents Saved
Doors Open Into Community For The Gospel
November 2008

Family Picture 093008"Would you include the Parents in this year's camp? " I was overwhelmed by the opportunity presented to our ministry by Napoleon (Nap) Marilag. Nap is the president of the Parent Teacher Federation, the mother organization of the conglomerate Parent Teacher Associations! Nap began to share with me how that parents were wondering what has happened to many of their teenagers who had attended our summer camp and were somehow different. God moved again in opening another incredible door for the Gospel.

Dad & Jake Micah Alex
Rawlings Foundation Provides Camp Scholarships
With the Rawlings Foundation's help, we invited over 5,000 parents to the first ever Parent-Teacher Moral Value Camps. Offering Biblical based teaching and a night of evangelism, we were able to reach many parents with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We targeted schools and parents near our new church plants as well as the existing network of churches who participate in the summer camp.

Thousands of Teachers and Parents Hear the Gospel
Jessi11,921 Teachers and Parents attended this year's camp. 4,100 were dealt with for salvation. In addition, 2,875 were dealt with for various counseling needs and spiritual guidance. This was by far the greatest adult camping effort we have experienced to date. To God be the Glory.

Psychology Professor Comes To Christ
WIlberto SavedUniversity Faculty Member Wilberto is a psychology teacher at a local university. Attending camp for the first time ever, Wilberto was moved by the teaching. Wilberto had been searching for meaning in his life. He was frustrated with how his life was turning out. Wilberto shared with me that there was something missing deep in his heart. After the Gospel presentation, I sat down with Wilberto, one on one, to share the plan of salvation. As I drew my witness to a close, Wilberto began to cry. He said, "This is what's missing! I need this relationship with Jesus Christ...something real, something that will fill my heart!" We prayed and Wilberto became my new brother in Christ! Since camp, Wilberto has come to church and we are working his schedule out for discipleship and involvement in a small group. The potential influence a man like Wilberto can have is enormous!

Take A Mission Trip in 2009
Invitation 1Come and help reach teachers and parents in 2009. We are looking for several teams to help with counseling and various service positions in 2009. The impact on your church's life will far outweigh the cost of the trip! You may also check for travel arrangements and scheduling. Contact Impacting Asia for more details. Luke & Kelly Lyons will help you plan a trip with minimal effort. They are experienced in securing low travel costs, can come to your church to orient the group, even help you raise funds for your trip!

Thanks For Partnering

Our partnership is changing lives!

God continues to move through your giving!
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